In Pinellas County, a man is going to jail if his spouse or female significant other calls 911. Neither the circumstances nor the facts matter. My daughter-in-law lied about being assaulted to the point that she cut herself and claimed that my son had done it.

The problem is that the state attorney is looking to put another notch in his belt. If the man has had previous issues with the law, he is automatically guilty. Larry Sandefer waded through the lies, charges and “guilty until proven innocent” attitude. When we were emotional and distraught with our “justice” system, Larry stayed on course supported by his education, experience in the system as a prosecutor and experience protecting the innocent. My son was eventually released because of Larry’s tenacity of showing the prosecutors that they were backing the wrong person. If you are in need of a stand-up guy, I recommend Mr. Sandefer. Good luck.


Reviewed by Client at AVVO on 12/5/15