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Our goal is simple –To be there for you, our client, and to provide you with aggressive and high quality criminal defense and DUI defense representation, to maintain the highest level of professional and personal ethics, and to be known and respected for our knowledge, ability, preparedness, professionalism and for our desire to provide the best possible criminal defense for you, our client.

Trying to decide on the best attorney for you and your case? Look here for some help.     Selecting the Right Criminal Defense Attorney.     Because choosing the right lawyer for your case can be a daunting task.

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We do only one thing – criminal defense. We handle all types of criminal matters from DUI to murder throughout Florida but mainly we handle criminal defense and DUI cases in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Pinellas County Florida. We will defend you vigorously and aggressively if you are arrested or accused of a crime. We are here to protect your rights. Larry Sandefer began his legal career as a prosecutor and rose to the level of Lead Trial Attorney and to Division Director. He knows how to handle your case as it proceeds from arrest, to the state attorney’s office, through the filing decisions, and to court.

Our goal and philosophy is simple and straightforward – to provide you with the highest quality of criminal defense that we can. Will be there for you and with you. When experience counts, count on experience

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Do I have to go to trial, do I need to go to trial, Should I go to trial?     

Most cases do not go to jury trial, but if yours is one that should or it is  best to take to trial, we are ready and able with over 200 jury trials of all types in our record.  If we can get your case dismissed or resolved  favorably to you first that is usually the path we recommend for you.   But at Sandefer Law Firm, you work with us on your defense and decisions to be made.   

What to I do to prepare for court?  There are quite often things that we believe will help your case that  we will recommend that you can do.  We will help you through this  and you can help also.  


Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism are words we live by at Sandefer Law Firm and it is our pledge to you

As you can imagine, Experience, Reputation, and Commitment can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of any case, and in dealing with Judges and the prosecution and that includes your case. In deciding on the best attorney for you and for your case, we urge you to ask around. Ask attorneys, judges, court personnel, friends, and neighbors. Our reputation speaks volumes.   You will be confident you made the right decision in moving forward with your case.

Larry Sandefer and Sandefer Law Firm are AV rated under Martindale-Hubble’s Peer Review Rating TM* Process. This is the highest possible peer review rating given for both legal ability and ethical standards by Martindale-Hubble, the most trusted national attorney rating organization.  Larry Sandefer is a Top Rated criminal defense attorney.* Larry is proud to be listed in the 2023 Edition of U.S. News and World Reports -Best Lawyers (R) Best Law Firms.

We handle defense of all criminal matters including DUI/BUI/Traffic, Drug related charges such as Trafficking, Possession, doctor shopping, false prescriptions, Sex Offenses, Lewdness, sex offenses against minors, Child Abuse and neglect,  Domestic Violence, domestic violence by strangulation,  Consumer Fraud and contractors charged with criminal offenses, Grand Theft and Petit Theft including shoplifting, Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Battery, Aggravated Battery with serious injuries,  Resisting Arrest charges, Pornography, Internet Crimes, Weapons Offenses, 10-20-Life charges with firearms, all types of Homicide charges and degrees, Manslaughter as well as DUI manslaughter, White Collar Crime, Record Sealing, Probation Violations, Outstanding Warrants in and out of state, most Felonies, and Misdemeanors.


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We know that there are other questions we can help you with:

What are my rights during an arrest?

After I get arrested what is the court process?

What punishment am I facing?

 Is there a diversion program or other option other than trial? 

How do I select the best attorney for my case?





Larry Sandefer is a former prosecutor, Division Director, and Lead Trial Attorney, with extensive experience in criminal law.

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What we can do for you:

Larry Sandefer can assist you in obtaining release from jail, with outstanding warrants, record sealing or expungement, with Florida criminal appeals, with juvenile cases and defending all Florida criminal charges and accusations  including: