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Possession of child Pornography on a computer.  Sentencing code called for a minimum of 10.5 years in prison.  After negotiations,  State agreed to a sentence of just over 12 months in jail.

Misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  Clients did community service and an evaluation, all charges dismissed

Travelling to meet a minor for sex, reduced to unlawful use of a two way communications device.  No jail or prison, no designation as a sex offender, adjudication withheld-not a conviction

Domestic Battery reduced to Disorderly Conduct for a fine.

Grand Theft of over $97,000.00.  Motions on statute of limitations heard and pending for over a year.  Case nolle prossed (dropped).

Attempted Murder with a  Firearm–facing a 20 year minimum mandatory sentence and maximum life sentence.   Motions filed to suppress statements and evidence, motions in limine filed to be heard day of trial.  Numerous legal issues to be argued in the case.  On Trial date state agreed to a misdemeanor.

 Drug trafficking – Client was accused of delivering 2 kg of cocaine to undercover officers in Pinellas County set up by an informant.  The statute called for a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison.  After discovery, and negotiations the final sentence was a withholding of adjudication (no conviction), and probation.  The fine reduced from $150,000 to $500.00.

 Drug trafficking in hydrocodone
The charge was reduced to sale of hydrocodone in exchange for  probation and drug counseling

 Internet pornography.  This charge involved many counts of possession of child pornography. The sentencing code called for over 8 years in prison.  After depositions, the retaining of two  experts regarding computers and a pediatrician, the charge were reduced to misdemeanors for probation

Possession of child pornography
Pretrial intervention program, dismissal

Aggravated battery on the elderly– Charge dismissed

Felony threats to do harm-Reduced to misdemeanor harassing phone calls, fine, no probation
New Port Richey case involving Port Richey Police and the Highway Patrol.  Client took field exercises and claimed he took a breath test, but the trooper said he refused. After a  jury trial the jury found him  not guilty
Reduced to reckless driving, probation, DUI school
Reduced to reckless driving, probation, DUI school

DUI – Reduced to reckless driving

DUI- Motion to suppress granted based on insufficient grounds for the officer to stop the car , dismissed

DUI- Motion to dismiss, bad stop, granted

DUI readings reduced from over .15 to below
(Numerous DUI cases with this result, avoided installation of interlock device and additional fines and costs)

Felony DUI with serious injuries– Motorcycle accident.  After depositions and retaining an expert the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, probation, DUI school, license suspension

Several more DUI’s reduced to Reckless driving charges

Aggravated battery with a bottle resulting in injuries
reduced to simple battery, restitution and a fine

Mortgage fraud– Two years of depositions and litigation, case resulted in dismissal

Lewd and lascivious contact with a minor
Mandatory prison sentence avoided, withholding of adjudication, probation

Lewd and lascivious behavior– Expert psychologist retained.
Negotiations resulted in probation

Lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor– Depositions taken, expert retained, case set for trial.  State and defense agree and case was
reduced to battery, one year probation

Capital Sexual Battery-Mandatory Life in prison if convicted.  Defense hired investigator and presented investigation to the state attorney.
After extensive discussions and defense investigations case not filed, no charges

Drug trafficking –  Reduced to possession, probation, house arrest, drug counseling

Six counts of possession of controlled substances and one count Misdemeanor Marijuana
All counts dropped except misdemeanor, diversion program, dismissal

Burglary of a business-  Client accepted in to a pretrial intervention program resulting in dismissal of charges
Child neglect
Pretrial intervention, dismissed

Failure to register as a sex offender– statutes called for mandatory prison sentence.  Reduced to misdemeanor ofobstructing an opposing, probation

Child abuse

25 counts of Auto Burglary- These cases involved drug addiction and mitigating factors.  Experts were retained and records obtained with client’s permission.  Instead of a lengthy prison sentence,
numerous counts of burglary were dropped.  This allowed the court to withhold adjudication (no conviction) on the remaining counts and the client was given  probation and drug and mental health counseling, eligible to have record sealed

Retail theft- Pointed out that store surveillance indicated client may have been pushing the cart to exchange it for a new one, not leaving the store.  Case dismissed

Misdemeanor domestic battery-Dismissed

Six counts auto burglary
Withholding of adjudication, probation

Grand Theft 
Reduced to Petit theft, withhold of adjudication (no conviction) early termination of probation

Dealing in Stolen Property, Residential Burglary, 3 counts Poss. Controlled substance, Violation of Probation (different arrest dates and different cases)
Scored 5 years prison minimum. Departure hearing held (this is a hearing where the defense presents mitigatiing information to the Judge which are allowed under existing statutes to request the Judge to sentence below the sentencing code. Sentenced to probation

Residential Burglary
Scored 2.5 years on sentencing code, Withhold of Adjudication and probation sentence.

Burglary, Aggravated
Case dismissed

Battery – Accused of pushing a female who was on a well populated  beach, obtained private videos and after defense investigation Case dismissed

Residential Burglary

Suspicion of murder
After several months investigation terminated, no charges

Felony Violation of Probation
Warrant out from 1994, restitution paid
Capias lifted, probation terminated

Road Rage, Aggravated assault with a gun
Not filed

Armed Burglary
Juvenile, straight probation

Juvenile violation of Probation for Armed Burglary
New Grand theft,  new Aggravated Assault
Sentenced to continued Juvenile Probation

Residential Burglary
Client PRR (recent prison releasee), mandatory minimum 15 years DOC.
Depostions taken, case set for trial, State agreed to 13 months DOC

Ten counts of Dealing in Stolen Property and False Verification of Ownership
Reduced to misdemeanors, one year probation

Battery on Law Enforcement Officer
Day of trial reduced to misdemeanor obstruction, Withholding of Adjudicaiton (no conviction), fine, no probation, no jail

Suspicion of sexual battery
Investigation completed no arrest

Racing on Highway

Removal of Sexual Offender designation under Romeo and Juliet exception granted, no registration required

Murder, client was accused of shooting an unarmed relative at close range twice. The client had a  claim of self defense.  Extensive background investigation and providing information to the  detective resulted in the case being dropped, no arrest even took place.  Good investigative work and client cooperation was paramount.

Second time DUI charge which would have resulted in mandatory jail time was reduced to Careless Driving after negotiations with the state, disposition was $300.00 fine

DUI reduced to Reckless Driving-Pasco County

Felony DUI motion to suppress for bad stop granted

Contractor charged by the state with contracting without a license, felony failure to carry workers comp insurance, and grand theft. After defense investigation and negotiations charges all reduced to misdemeanors and a plea by mail was entered, no jail and no probation, fines and costs only.

Tampering with a state witness, domestic.  After providing witness information and investigation, case was dismissed by state.

Female arrested for child abuse of her baby and domestic battery.  Prepared information and background for the state and the state agreed to drop all charges.

Scheme to defraud.  Theft of lottery tickets from employer over a period of  time.  Evidence included camera surveillance.  Issues found in discovery led to negotiations and resulted in charges being reduced to a misdemeanor the day of trial.  A plea to probation and a fine was entered.  Deportation was also avoided.

Possession of Child Pornography on a computer.  Search warrant issues were uncovered during depositions allowing for a negotiated plea to 2 1/2 years DOC down from the sentencing code sentence   called for of over 10 years DOC

Possession of Child Pornography on a computer.   Thirteen month sentence obtained with mitigation presented to the state. Down from the sentencing code sentence called for of over 10 years.

Aggravated assault with a gun.  Dismissed after cooperation with the alleged victim and information presented to the state.

Grand theft from employer.  Reduced to petit theft for restitution and one day jail  time served.

Grand Theft, person in authority in sports community program accused of stealing funds from the treasurer for personal use.  Diverted, dismissed.

DUI accident case with serious injuries, refusal of breath test.  Reduced to Reckless driving.

Trafficking in cocaine, possession of alprazolam, and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.  Negotiations resulted in the trafficking charge being amended to simple possession and the client being placed on probation with a 3 month county jail sentence with credit for the time he had been in jail.

Leaving the scene of an accident with serious injuries, victim was elderly pedestrian. Probation and ankle monitor for 3 months.

Grand theft of drugs from a pharmacy.  Reduced to petit theft for time served (2 days.).

Residential Burglary and battery.  After defense investigation and material provide to the state, State agreed to drop all charges.

Felony battery on elderly person.  Dropped.

Shoplifting.  Obtained witness statements and video from nearby.  Case dropped.

Human Trafficking-Reduced to misdemeanor of harboring a runnaway, mail in probation

Perjury in an official proceding-presented history and background as well as additional transcript. Case not filed.

2 counts of capital sexual battery and allegations of cutting and being bound.  Mandatory Life sentence on each charge if convicted.  After depositions and just before trial charges were reduced to 2 attempts. Client pled to probation.

Introduction of  contraband in to the county jail, diversion, dismissed