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It is difficult to imagine anything more important than finding the right to defend and represent someone who has been accused of taking another person’s life, intentionally.  Take the time to meet with prospective attorneys and to talk with others and ask about experience specifically with murder and homicide cases from investigation through trial.

Larry Sandefer is a very experienced homicide and murder defense attorney. He has handled over 20 murder jury trials and defended many more homicides. His experience is unique and vast. Starting out as a prosecutor and rising to the position of a Division Director at the state attorneys office Larry was on-call for homicides in Pinellas County Florida. He was called regularly to the scene of suspected homicide before the scene was touched and advised law enforcement regarding the crime scene and investigation. While at the State Attorney’s Office he was on the homicide response team called out to homicides and also investigating police shootings. This experience was invaluable to him and can be to you or a loved one also.

Larry Sandefer also presented homicide cases to the Grand Jury in Pinellas county for the Grand Jury’s consideration of whether to bring  an Indictment.

He has been to jury trial on over 20 first degree murder trials and personally handled dozens more homicide cases which were resolved without trials.

These homicide cases included multi-jurisdictional or multi-state homicide or contract killing cases .

There are many defenses that may be available to a person accused of murder. These defenses can include self defense, where Florida’s stand your ground law may also come in to play.  A person can claim self defense even if dismissal is not granted upon a motion to the presiding Judge on Stand Your Ground claims. Self defense can also apply to defense of others, where a person is acting to defend another person. Self defense by use of a deadly weapon involves the belief by a person that imminent deadly force by another is going to be uses against them,  and that belief must be reasonable. Lack of intent to kill is almost always an issue in a homicide case,  and intent or lack of intent can be the difference between second degree murder and first degree murder or even manslaughter. A legal principal called ‘transferred intent’ may be invoked by the state attorney and can be an issue in a murder case as well.  This is where a person does not intend to injure the person who died but another person.  An intent to kill even though it is toward a different can be ‘transferred’ toward another. Identification issues as well as other factual matters can be an available defense in many criminal cases. Lack of proof, identity, accident, involuntary ‘confessions’ or statements, DNA, and many other facts come in to play in the defense of a homicide charge.  Experts are often a necessity in homicide cases regarding issues that need to be raised or explored.  That is why you should obtain an experienced homicide defense attorney and preferably one who is familiar with the local state attorney’s office and presiding Judges.  This is not a time to settle for inexperience or less experience.

As you can imagine every homicide accusation is extremely unique and must be investigated thoroughly and geared toward the facts and circumstances of that individual case. Experienced private investigators are often critical in defense of murder charges.  We have several that we use on homicide cases depending on the circumstances and location.

Defense of Homicide or murder allegations is not an inexpensive undertaking and someone looking for a homicide or murder  defense attorney should talk with and interview several experienced attorneys who have experience in homicide defense and even prosecution of homicides. Please review the experience and background of Larry Sandefer.  Remember, all consultations are private, free, and  there is no obligation.

Since each murder case is unique you should also know that Mr. Sandefer is intimately familiar with crime scene techniques and evidence procedures in all types of cases. These include DNA, fingerprints, polygraphs, blood spatter experts, blood analysis, tire tread and shoe mark analysis, strangulation, injection of substances into the human body, contract killings, police questioning techniques and violation of rights, child witnesses, child hearsay, wiretaps, authorization for wire intercepts, grounds for obtaining search warrants, fourth amendment search issues, and much more. Hands on experience in these areas can be valuable in evaluation and presentation of a defense.

It is important to discuss your case with an experienced Florida homicide defense attorney. Our Initial Consultation is Always FREE. There is no obligation.

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