Opioid Defense

People who have become addicted risk their careers, their lives, and their futures to obtain their addictive drug. Many crimes are affected by the opioid crisis including false prescriptions, robbery, theft, as well as sale of drugs and possession. For most opioids a minimum of 4 g and the mere possession of that will result in a three-year prison sentence minimum. 14 g of fentanyl would result in a 15 year minimum sentence and 28 g would be a 25 year minimum sentence.


Here at Sandefer Law Firm we can help you through the legal processes which may ensnare you or a loved one. Under Florida law a person in mere possession may be subject to minimum mandatory prison sentences. Only the office of the state attorney can reduce the minimum sentences. If you qualify, we can help you obtain this reduction or even a reduction in the charge. We are also able to refer you for an evaluation or for the appropriate substance abuse treatment. We most often recommend being proactive in these matters in order to help you both legally and personally. Let us help you avoid the severe consequences of Florida’s drug laws, many of which were passed under the guise of solving Florida’s opioid crisis.