Fleeing and Eluding Explained

Fleeing and Eluding, not just a misdemeanor anymore The Florida statute on Fleeing and Eluding explained The criminal charge of fleeing and eluding is a serious criminal offense with serious penalties.   Several years ago the misdemeanor version of fleeing and eluding was eliminated and any charge of fleeing and eluding under Florida law is […]

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Where Did Grandma Go Wrong? A Reflection on Shoplifting.

Attached is an article that I wrote years ago. It still rings true today.   WHERE DID GRANDMA GO WRONG As a prosecutor in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I noticed a disturbing trend in minor crime – older people being charged with petit theft, shoplifting. Since the seventies there has been a growing trend of […]

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Arrested in Clearwater?

Clearwater Florida Arrest? If you have been arrested in Clearwater, Florida, then you need to contact a Clearwater criminal lawyer, Larry Sandefer.  Larry has over 30 years of trial experience and is a former Prosecutor, Lead Trial Attorney and Division Director. What Rights do you Have? You have certain rights when you are arrested regardless of whether you […]

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