Can I Afford an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney?

Can I Afford an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney for My Case? 

The better question might actually be can you afford not to have an experienced defense attorney. The cost of an experienced  defense attorney who has the experience and knowledge to help you will vary depending on the type of charge, your background, and the complexity of the charge. Larry Sandefer has an extensive background beginning as a prosecutor and has been involved in the practice of criminal law for over 30 years. Even though he has devoted his long career to criminal law and is handled thousands of cases and hundreds of jury trials he believes that representation should be available and affordable. He’ll make every effort be fair while providing you with 100% of his efforts and abilities in your behalf.


Initial consultation is free at which time the case can be discussed as well as potential defenses, evidence, experts needed, and the time necessary on your case. What motions will need to be filed will be addressed also. Once you retain Sandefer law firm Mr. Sandefer likes to stay in touch and have regular contact with his clients not only to update them but to obtain information and assistance from them. He believes it is important for you to be involved in the defense of your case.

When trying to decide on an attorney is always important to try to speak with other people who have used a criminal defense attorney or who know the attorneys. We invite you to do so. Mr. Sandefer has represented of people from all walks of life and in all aspects of the court system itself. He is honored that these people who have observed him have chosen him to help them. He has defended people in charges ranging from DUI and petty theft to home invasion, murder, and drug charges. Every case is important and every defense is important because it is important to you. Selecting an attorney can be overwhelming. Selecting the best criminal defense attorney for you may not be the same attorney that may be the best attorney for another person or another situation.


We will make every effort to work with you on payment. Often we will accept a payment plan. Sometimes this depends on what division of the court system the case may be assigned to, the nature of the case, and at what juncture in the case we are being hired. Most fees are a flat fee. This means that you pay one charge which will include all actions that the firm needs to take on your behalf including court appearances, telephone calls, motions, and negotiations. A trial is not necessary in every case and the case may be resolved by dismissal or negotiation without a trial. Therefore, we offer a fee option that does not include trial and if a trial is necessary or requested the fee for a trial will then become due.

Call us and come in for a free consultation. The consultation is confidential, there is no obligation, and you may find it valuable in making a decision that can impact your future for the future of a loved one. We try to treat everyone as we would want to be treated if we were in your position. Often, people who are hiring an attorney do not know that attorney or any others. They are relying on what they hear and, hopefully, who they may talk to. We will be with you every step of the way, we are here to help you.
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