Robbery Arrests in Pinellas County Get “Gang” of Four

Four people, including two 14-year-old young men, were arrested in string of armed robberies. The arrests were the result of cooperation between numerous what enforcement agencies in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park, Tampa and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. The robberies occurred over time at gas stations and fast food markets in Pinellas County. Gang ties were not suspected but the four arrested seemed to be working together. The motive was not readily ascertainable. News stories indicated that one clerk was shot and that his wound was not life threatening. All four men admitted some involvement in the robberies but

Robbery is a serious crime and can carry a sentence of up to life in prison if a firearm is used. A strong armed robbery is one that does not involve use of a deadly weapon. This may occur by a threat to hurt somebody right or a physical action without weapons. A purse snatch where there is force used to take purse is a robbery. This type of robbery is a second degree felony and can carry up to 15 years in state prison.

An armed robbery also falls under Florida’s 10 – 20 – life law. If a gun is carried by person during the commission of the robbery there is a minimum sentence of 10 years. If the weapon is fired and no one is hit, the minimum sentence is 20 years. If the gun is fired and someone is struck the mandatory sentence becomes life in prison.

Obviously, some robberies are much more serious than others. Some may have some legal mitigation involved for one or more suspects or persons involved, some may not. The age of the person charged can also make a difference in sentencing. A person who is under the age of 21 at the time of sentencing may qualify as a youthful offender allowing a judge to go below the legislated sentencing code if the Judge feels it is warranted under the particular circumstances. Many robberies occur because of the need for drugs or a controlled substance. Many occur by persons with mental issues, some rising to the level of a mental disability. Some robberies occur by “career criminals” for other motives.

If you were the victim of a robbery contact local law enforcement authorities immediately. If you have a child or a loved one who has been charged with some type robbery who you believe needs help please do your research, read through and contact a board certified criminal trial lawyer.