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“Larry single handedly got me the best possible outcome regarding a very serious legal situation.  If it were not for his experience and reputable name, my life would have taken a total turn for the worst.  When it’s your entire future on the line, there is no question he is the man for the job.  I would recommend his services to anyone.”

Andrew A.


“I have retained Larry Sandefer on multiple times and on each occasion have been very pleased with the outcome.  (Larry) Mr. Sandefer is very knowledgeable and knows most of the prosecutors and judges making the process go  smoother.  While I regret having to go through the legal system, I feel the outcome could/would have been much worse for me if not for (Larry) Mr. Sandefer.   I have also referred more than 10 other clients to Larry who were very happy with his services.  After being through the system multiple times and seeing and hearing what I have, I would definitely give (Larry) Mr. Sandefer my highest recommendation!”

Danny K.


“Mr. Sandefer has been amazing lawyer.   He was easily able to work with me on a FL case even though I am in a different state.  He was easily accessible via email and phone, he always made sure to keep me updated on the progress of my case.  I would recomend Mr. Sandefer to anyone who is looking for an honest, hardworking lawyer on their side, he went above and beyond his duties to make sure all the loose ends of my situation were tied up.  I could not be more thankful for the help he has provided me. I hopefully will not heed his services in the future, but if I do. . . I will be sure to return to this law firm.”



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Excellent attorney,is really invested in you. He actually is very accessable. Could not have asked for a better outcome.

Sam Wattam

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Mr Sandefer is the type of attorney that takes the time that you and your case deserve. He will keep you informed and not leave you guessing. He has worked hand in hand with prosecutors TWO times in my cases and both cases resulted in NOMore

Bill Crawford

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Larry was very professional and down to earth. He was able to provide the representation needed to get positive results. I would certainly recommend to others and will use him again if circumstances dictated it.

Tom Edwards

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Mr Sandefer is an experienced, honest lawyer who will do his best to see that you get a fair defense in the criminal justice system

Chris Raymond

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The service Mr. Sanderfer provides is by far exemplary. Very up front and professional!
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by AVVO Client on Sandefer Law Firm
Domestic Assault Charges

Domestic Assault Charges in Florida

In Pinellas County, a man is going to jail if his spouse or female significant other calls 911. Neither the circumstances nor the facts matter. My daughter-in-law lied about being assaulted to the point that she cut herself and claimed that my son had done it. The problem is that the state attorney is looking to put another notch in his belt. If the man has had previous issues with the law, he is automatically guilty. Larry Sandefer waded through the lies, charges and "guilty until proven innocent" attitude. When we were emotional and distraught with our "justice" system, Larry stayed on course supported by his education, experience in the system as a prosecutor and experience protecting the innocent. My son was eventually released because of Larry's tenacity of showing the prosecutors that they were backing the wrong person. If you are in need of a stand-up guy, I recommend Mr. Sandefer. Good luck.


by Laura, Glenn and Spencer Guerette on Sandefer Law Firm
Client Laura, Glenn and Spencer Guerette

Review from AVVO - 12/6/15

Our family has retained Larry Sandefer several times. He is extremely professional and we could never thank him enough for all he has done to help us out of some very bad situations. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs a lawyer. I was also very impressed that he seems to really care about us as a family and returns our calls so quickly. I would never use anyone but Mr. Sandefer.

Laura, Glenn and Spencer Guerette from AVVO Lawyer Reviews - 12/6/15

by Andrew on Sandefer Law Firm
Best in the State of Florida

There is truly nobody better at criminal defense. During the worst period of my life, Larry help me tremendously. The reduction in sentencing that he won for me was truly a miracle. I can not thank this man enough for everything that he did and I am forever grateful.

Andrew from Avvo Legal Reviews - 12/16/15