Florida DUI Manslaughter Attorneys

ST. PETERSBURG DUI MANSLAUGHTER A DUI MANSLAUGHTER occurs when there is a death of a human being caused or contributed to by a person who is driving under the influence to the extent his or her normal faculties are impaired. It is a very serious accusation. The Florida Sentencing Code is what Judge’s are required to follow in […]

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Top St. Petersburg DUI Lawyers Award

TOP ST. PETERSBURG DUI ATTORNEYS – SANDEFER LAW FIRM The Sandefer Law Firm was named one of the top 20 St Petersburg Drunk Driving Law Firms by Expertise.com. We Looked at 278 DUI Lawyers in St. Petersburg and Picked the Top 20 Why These DUI Lawyers? Our goal is to connect people with the best local […]

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St. Petersburg DUI Defense

St. Petersburg DUI Defense Lawyers St. Petersburg Florida Drunk Driving Defense If you have been arrested for a Drunk Driving DUI offense in the Pinellas County or St. Petersburg area, contact us today. The Sandefer Law Firm is an Experienced Pinellas County DUI defense law firm that can help you 24 hours per day.  Call […]

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