Florida Bail and Warrants

Bail / Warrants – Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer If you have been arrested and bail has not been posted, Sandefer Law Firm can assist you in reducing the bail, being released on your own recognizance, or working with a bondsman. On cases in which a warrant has been issued or may be issued, but you have not […]

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Arrested for Florida Drug Offense?

FLORIDA DRUG OFFENSE LAWYERS When facing drug charges it is important that you act quickly and obtain the help of a skilled and experienced Clearwater/St. Petersburg/Pinellas County drug defense lawyer. The State Attorney, obviously, feels they have enough evidence to convict you. It is important that you have an attorney on your side. Larry Sandefer […]

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Types of Florida Drug Charges

FLORIDA DRUG DEFENSE LAWYERS There are many types of drug charges. Most of what we see our sales, prescription fraud, and trafficking cases. But we also see related criminal charges such as practicing medicine without a license and possession of a prescription drug without a prescription. So, if you’re looking for a Pinellas County drug […]

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Fleeing and Eluding Explained

Fleeing and Eluding, not just a misdemeanor anymore The Florida statute on Fleeing and Eluding explained The criminal charge of fleeing and eluding is a serious criminal offense with serious penalties.   Several years ago the misdemeanor version of fleeing and eluding was eliminated and any charge of fleeing and eluding under Florida law is […]

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Pinellas Sheriff 4th of July Operations

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend.  If you are attending a bar-b-que or going out on the water where alcoholic beverages may be consumed, please designate a non-drinking driver for your car or boat.  The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office has posted its enforcement operations for the 4th of July weekend: Pinellas Sheriff’s […]

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Where Did Grandma Go Wrong? A Reflection on Shoplifting.

Attached is an article that I wrote years ago. It still rings true today.   WHERE DID GRANDMA GO WRONG As a prosecutor in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I noticed a disturbing trend in minor crime – older people being charged with petit theft, shoplifting. Since the seventies there has been a growing trend of […]

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Florida Drug Trafficking

Florida Drug Trafficking Lawyers Arrested for Florida Drug Trafficking? The most serious drug offense in the State of Florida is drug trafficking. Most people think of drug trafficking as a crime by a major drug dealer importing drugs. This is not normally the situation. In the State of Florida, drug trafficking occurs either by the […]

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Pinellas DUI Arrests Up

DUI arrests rebounding since Pinellas restored sheriff’s DUI unit Sheriff Bob Gualtieri hopes the number of DUI-related crashes will begin to decrease. CLEARWATER — In 1987, Robert Aho was driving home when he was struck by a Firebird barreling along U.S. 19 north of Coachman Road. The driver had been drinking. Robert, 20, and his […]

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